Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'll call it.... Black Bean Burger and Mango Salsa

This was my lunch today....

Delish. Here's the ingredients:

1/4 cup fat free plain greek yogurt (tastes like sour cream)
1/2 low sodium black beans
garlic powder
chili powder
EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
1/2 tomato (diced)
Mango Salsa (I made my own using diced mango, lime juice, cilantro, diced red pepper, and some diced shallots. But you can buy premade just about anywhere.)

1. Mash black beans. Add tsp water, and maybe a tbs of flour. Add a dash or two of all the spices. Mix well. Add flour/water until you get the consistency you desire (the more flour, the better it'll hold together, but the texture will be more dry). My burger is usually a little mushy.

2. Add tsp olive oil to frying pan over med/high heat.

3. Plop black bean mix onto the hot oil. Smush it into a burger shape, about a 1/2 inch thick. Fry each side about 2 mins.

4. Layer Greek Yogurt (directly on the plate), black bean burger, tomatoes, and mango salsa.

5. Enjoy!

There's a million variations on this recipe. Add avocados, use regular salsa, use whatever spices you have on hand, put the burger on an english muffin or burger bun or taco shells!

It's ALMOST a fat free recipe. If you want it to be fat free, skip the olive oil and be sure to use a non-stick frying pan.

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