Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Blog Post Ever ?

Well, I'm a teensy bit bored, and my hubby has a blog, so I figured why not blog about something too? Cooking perhaps??

I used to like to cook a lot, but the stuff I cooked was not entirely healthy most of the time. So I stopped for a while. Lately, hubby and I have been on a healthy kick (for a good solid year now... go us!). A few days ago, I got that cooking urge again. So, here I am. Everytime I come up with a delicious and healthy meal (or find a recipe), I'll post it here.

If nothing else, it'll be a nice place for me to keep my recipes.

<3 Enjoy!!

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  1. Krystle, I love salmon. I like it best when it is sprinkled with Blackening seasoning a little EVOO and then grill it. This is very simple but very tasty.