Monday, January 3, 2011

Homemade Pasta

My hubby got a pasta maker for Christmas this year! As I may have mentioned before, he's a marathon runner and he loves his carbs. Even before he was a runner, he loved his pasta. So now he gets to experiment with different flours, mixtures, and styles. And I get to eat it. It works out quite nicely. Here's some photos of our second run, it looks like the real deal!!

Fresh homemade pasta has the benefit of taste, texture, and nutrition not found in supermarket dried or fresh varieties. At home we know exactly how the pasta was made and what went into it. No preservatives or funky fast high heat drying schemes. It's not hard to make and it doesn't take long. Once it's made it'll keep fresh in the fridge for the week, or the freezer for the month! And it cooks super fast (2 - 5 minutes).

More to come on these adventures, including recipes and techniques. :)

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