Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vegetarian: Tempeh

 What is tempeh?
 Tempeh is a soy product that sometimes includes whole grains. The soybeans and grains are mixed and fermented into a 1/2 inch thick cake. Tempeh has a hearty texture and nutty flavor. It is high in protein (about 20g per 4oz serving), but is not a low-calorie food (about 240 calories per 4 oz serving). It is often used as a meat substitute.

Where can I find it?
Tempeh can be found in most grocery stores. It is usually in the same area as the refrigerated tofu, vegetarian, and vegan products, which is usually somewhere near the fresh produce. There are a few different varieties.

How should I cook it?
There's tons of ways to cook tempeh. My preference is to chop it up into bite-sized pieces, boil for about 10 minutes, then brown in a saute pan. You can marinate it after boiling. It soaks in flavors very well. Use it in stir fries, side dishes, or eat it as a snack.

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  1. I think tempeh originated from Indonesia right?
    I use to see my Malay friends cook with vegetables or curry.

  2. Yes! It did originate there. It can be found in fresh markets wrapped in banana leaves. :)I would love to try fresh tempeh someday.